Our Partners

 Athena Forté aims to 'Dress & Bless'...

For every sale made through Athena Forte, we pledge to give back to those facing homelessness. We understand that it takes more than just a roof over one's head to rebuild a life; it takes compassion, understanding, and a network of support. By providing the equivalent of each sale to someone in need, we hope to be that guiding force for others, just as it was for me.

In order to achieve our goals we've teamed up with the following organisations...



The Canaan Trust is the first and immediate source of help for any individual, male or female, who may be Street Homeless. Being homeless can, and does, happen to anyone. Everyone deserves to be cared for, heard, and supported on their journey.

The Trust seeks to provide safe, secure and healthy supported accommodation for homeless men and women. Through the pandemic and now the Cost of Living Crisis the Trust has witnessed a significant increase in calls on its services and resources. The Trust is open and accessible for all, individuals and families, who are in need of its help and support.



Living Without Abuse – believes that all people have the right to live safely and without fear of violence and abuse.  They provide support to anyone experiencing or fearing violence or abuse from a partner, ex-partner or family member.

They're committed to raising awareness of domestic abuse and sexual violence, working towards its prevention and eradication, and assisting those affected by this crime to determine their own lives and helping survivors resettle into a new community.




Ingoldmells Food Bank is dedicated to offering essential support to individuals and families experiencing challenging circumstances.

Their services encompass the provision of food parcels, emergency sustenance, blankets, clothing and other vital necessities, ensuring compassionate response to those in need during their most difficult time.